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Scale & the Incas, Princeton University Press, 2018  (click for link)

The Emperor's New Clothes: The Biography of a Royal Inca Tunic (in progress)
Scale and the Incas Cover Scan.jpg


The Art Bulletin (Tamara Bray)

CAA Reviews (Whitney Davis and Justin Underhill)

Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture (Terrence D’Altroy)

Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (Julia Guernsey)

The Brooklyn Rail (Alexander Nagel)


The Art Institute of Chicago, Virtual Member Lecture "Outlines as Throughlines in Nazca Art," January 26, 2021: 

Yale University Art Gallery, Ryerson Lecture, September 1, 2016: 

 Recent Articles

“New Horizons in Andean Art History.” The Record of the Art Museum. Vol. 75-76 (2016-17), 2020, 42-101. (click for link)


Reviews Review: Design for Eternity: Architectural Models from the Ancient Americas, edited by Joanne Pillsbury. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2016.  (click for link)

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